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We're a family-owned and run Farm and Butchery, aiming to reconnect our local community with high-welfare, fresh, and tasty food from our farm and various local artisan producers.

Farm History

Farmer and Business Owner, Shon, was born on this very farm, the house he still lives in now. Having graduated from the Royal Berkshire College of Agriculture, Shon came back to Rother Valley to set up the first line of Aberdeen Angus beef to sell to Waitrose. In the early 2000s, the Spracklings started to convert to organic  –  to date, the biggest conversion the Soil Association has seen. 

Our first meat box scheme then followed, and we began working with other local farms we trusted to source a variety of meats. The farm itself is still organic but we mostly sell free-range, high welfare meat, and organic chicken.

Animal Welfare and the Environment

Rother Valley produces and sources only the finest free range and ethically reared meat from Hampshire, West Sussex and the surrounding counties. It is also deeply ingrained in the Rother Valley's environmentally ethical approach to farming.

⁠Our cattle are kept in a system that is regenerative. ⁠Much of our grazing land is organic and either an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) or an ESA (Environmentally Sensitive Area). ⁠

We work to increase the biodiversity on the land the cows graze as there are countless other animals they share it with, from soil microbes to insects, to rodents to small mammals to pollinators to songbirds to raptors, our grazing herbivores play an important part of this system. They contribute to the environment in a positive way and can help this ecosystem to lock more carbon into the soil than they release.

Aberdeen Angus sucklers are now grazed on Thorney Island on the South Coast which will help preserve the environment and maintain it as a habitat for rare plants, wildlife and birds, such as the skylark and lapwing.

Here at Rother Valley Farm we use a local abattoir to minimise transportation. After slaughter the carcass will be aged in a temperature controlled environment on the farm, which at this time of year requires little adjustment. The aged carcass is then transferred to our butchery unit in Rogate where we will cut and package the meat before sending it out to our customers or selling it at our farm shop.⁠

In our eyes, this is the best case scenario for a meat cow, it is real, and we do it well.⁠

To order some of the finest meat Hampshire can offer, visit our online store today.

Organic and free-range meat is available via our online butchery store and in bulk as beef burgers, mince, and meatballs to schools and caterers.


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